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Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade 2.6 Oz

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Aveda anti humectant pomade

Postby Yozshuran В» 19.02.2020

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I bought this product at my hairdressers suggestion when I was at the salon for a hair cut. I have thin hair but lots of it. The positives about this product is that it smells great and you get a huge tub that will last years. Also, Iike that it makes my hair feel really smooth and soft. I think I still might return it because it is difficult to get it competelly washed out of my hair when I shampoo. I have to use a clarifying shampoo to get it all out, which is something that annoys me.

I live in California, which usually doesn't get humid here. So there is not a reason for me to use it for anti-humidity purposes but if you lived in a humid climate I would understand why you need this.

The Anti-humectant white tub, blue lid just ended up making my hair look greasy. My hair is really, really fine and can't take much and I didn't use much. When I used this, it really just felt like an unnecessary layer.

I tested it out on numerous humid days, but it was just too heavy for my hair no matter how little I used. I will be trying the humectant version of this next blue tub, blue lid.

Maybe I have weird hair. I don't think this is a bad product at all, it just isn't for me. Great product to combat frizz. I have wavy to curly hair that not only has a tendency to inflate big time but I also have lots of 'baby hair'. Coupled with the hot and humid South East Asian weather, my hair can be a nightmare to manage on my own. Enter this product to ease the pain. Gives a slight sheen too. A little goes a long way else hair will be greasy, but the bonus is one tub is going to last you a long time.

The trick to getting the most out of this product is to apply the product to the ends of your hair when it is WET. I've found that when it is applied to dry hair, it doesn't work at all. But when you apply it with your hair gel to wet hair, then blow dry it, you can really notice a difference! You hair feels so healthy even if it is not! I like the fragrance too. It is easy to use too much of this product, so you'll need to play around with it at first to determine the amount that's right for you.

The packaging leaves a lot to be desired I bought this a a last-ditch effort to combat the high humidity levels that plague Houston. Does it work miracles? No, but it helps and at this point I'll take what I can get. My style would hold through most of the day but if I had to get out in the early as in pre-sunrise morning or later in the evening when the humidity is at its highest or if, god forbid, it rains my hair would transform into this mass of puffy, fluffy brown cotton candy.

This helps stop the puff and keep me from having to restraighten my hair on the 2nd day. The scent doesn't bother me, I find it wears away quickly, but I do like most other Aveda product scents. I gave it a 2 for price because, although expensive, the tub will last a long long time.. It takes only a tiny dab for my hair and I apply from root very lightly to tip.

It did not prevent frizz or make my hair glossy, shiny or anything. This is just an expensive hair grease that smells like gardenia flowers. About reviewer reviews. Manage to turn my parched, frizzy hair into a sleek do. A little dab goes a long way.. I have been using the product for years, and I've never found anything that keeps my hair frizz-free in my humid climate.

I have thick, kind of fine, wavy hair This product is expensive, but one jar will literally last me three years. It's very greasy, and you have to learn how to work with it Sometimes I use a little "Mods" on my dry hair after that too, just for additional styling.

This is one of my favorite anti-frizz, finishing products. I use a tiny amount, rub it to warm it in my palms, and apply it throughout my hair, concentrating on the ends and any fly away or frizzy spots. If too much product is used, you will get greasy looking, weighed down hair. My hair is fairly thick and wavy to curly in texture. Finer textured hair types may find that this product is too heavy.

When I wear my hair curly, it helps to define curls and prevent frizz. When I straighten my hair, it helps prevent waving and keeps my hair looking shiny and styled in place. I use a dab here and there as a touch up on the days I do not wash my hair. It also works great in conjunction with a flat iron. Yes, this is expensive. But you get good bang for the buck because the jar lasts for many months, even up to a year, if used in the appropriate manner.

I have been using this same jar for three years and I'm only half through it. I go through so many different anti-frizz products, but always use this as a finisher. My hair is very full and frizzy, and I usually use another styling product like living proof, frizz ease, or aveda hang straight while hair is damp, blow dry, and then use a TINY DAP of pomade on dry hair to tame extra frizz.

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Re: aveda anti humectant pomade

Postby Nagami В» 19.02.2020

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Re: aveda anti humectant pomade

Postby Milkis В» 19.02.2020

Thanks Aveda Yes 5 No 0. This one won't last very long, too soft. Shop Our Brands.

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